Our story begins in an unlikely place. Actually, two unlikely places.

One was a church that had lost its pastor. As they spent the better part of a year looking for one, their people grew disheartened and began to leave. Those who were left wondered if they would even be able to keep the doors open. Nevertheless, they waited faithfully- with patience, determination and most of all, hope. The other was a group of people who had just lost their church home. Though they had several pastors they wondered if they would ever find a place to call home again. Nevertheless they searched with diligence, excitement, and an eagerness to see what God would do. 

In August of 2016 this church looking for a leader and this group looking for a home came together. By December there had been many long conversations, late night phone calls, and lots of collaboration. In December of 2016 the church and the group became one - OneHope.

Our story is about hoping in the brokenness. It’s about refusing to accept anything less than the full amount God has for us. It’s about God doing things beyond our wildest dreams. And the best part- He just keeps going. Perhaps the best part of our story is that it’s still being written. That’s why we invite the broken and the determined, the homeless and the faithful. That’s why we invite all to see what God has done and is doing, because maybe, He’ll do it for you too.

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